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Last day, guys! Get those submissions in if you're doing them!

Host: :iconblackminorscales:
Rules: The club needs an icon, whether animated or still frame. It must represent the club and taurs in some way or form. Anyone can join.

1st Prize: Submission used as icon, a flat-colored picture of a taur of your choice from :iconblackminorscales:, and a three-month subscription donated by :icontelranis:
2nd Prize: Lineart of a taur of your choice from :iconblackminorscales:
3rd Prize: Sketch of a taur of your choice from :iconblackminorscales:
Deadline: Jan. 1st, 2010

Additional comments: If you would like to offer a prize and be promoted to a contributor, please send a note to the club.

Entries:…… luciusappaloosius.deviantart.c………


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